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The New Helmet Rule
Ready to Rise Up
Getting Our Timing Right
My Wisconsin Preview
My Stanford 2018 Season Preview
Winning Rose Bowl MVP
100% Grind
Like No Feeling in the World
A Season of Growth
Training Camp Update
Could You Sleep?
Training Camp Has Started
Ready For Impact
High Expectations
A New Year
Welcome To My Blog
Ready To Get To Work
High Expectations
Managing isn't in my future
Happy To Do My Part
The Real Deal
Giving Back and Getting Ready
My Off-Season On Base
Weight Room Work
Working On The “Wake Up Call”
Mini-Me Has Game!
Cryptocurrency Thoughts
NBA Summer League Vlog
NFL Protests
What If I Played With Dez?
MEFF Football Camp
Life As A Giant
Welcome To My Official Platform
Welcome To My Platform
Hidden Hurdles
My Unusual Diet
One More Year
My Charity Basketball Game
Shaquill Griffin-Carrying the Torch
Staying Fit
The Meaning of Freedom
Freedom Q&A
I'm Ready. Are you?
Confidence is Earned
Welcome to my Platform
What I Think Of 'James’ Garoppolo
Moving To A New City
The Joys of Fatherhood
Ready For Action
Almost A Track Star?
New Year, New Beginnings
Hurricane Harvey
Everything Is Coming Together
More Than A Football Camp
It Was a Different Kind of OTA This Year
How to Become A Professional Racer
Humble Beginnings
My Role, the Running Backs Room, and OTAs
Finding a Post-NBA Career
College Days at A&M
Preparation in the NFL vs. College
Being Coach Sherman
It’s All About the Here and Now
Off-Season Update
So Many Topics, So Little Time
Welcome To My Official Website
What I bring to Detroit
Headed In The Right Direction
Successes and Failures
Off-Season Recap
Art, Culture, and a Way Of Life
Thoughts On Being Retired Q&A
Student Of The Game
My Kids, My Legacy
The Last Home Run
My Travels to Haiti, Germany & Italy
Advice For The Rookies
My 60% Rule
Where It All Began
Celebrity Weekend Recap
Looking Back Before Heading Forward
On This Day in History ... Gronk Was Born
Mother's Day Is Special To Me
More Than Just A Win
Women in charge
So, I’m the New Guy
Why the 49ers? Why Not?!
Looking Back on Draft Day
Remembering Draft Day 2014
Coming Into Focus
Offseason Updates
New Beginnings in 2018
The Next Chapter
New Beginnings
Farewell, Washington
Check out my March Madness bracket
Goodbye Seattle
Big Papi Needs a Job
Blanket Coverage: Looking Back At 2017
Behind The Scenes Photo Shoot
My Thoughts On Crypto Trading
Focused on .500
Murray On Offensive Success
Our Team Chemistry
MEFF: Catch for Christmas
On My Football Camp
Being Physical Down the Stretch
My Promise
Three Questions With Latavius
People Who Know, Know
How Melvin Gordon Became A Football Star
On This Day: October 27th
Odell Beckham on Injury, Recovery, and Kobe
Cooper's First Football Game
A New Vibe In LA
New Season, New Team
My Thoughts on Moving to the Rams
Tay Train Comes to Minnesota
#34 Jersey Retirement
PAPI: My Story
The Importance of Christmas
The RAW Project
Update on My Road to Recovery
Taking a Stand
My Statement
Presenting The Right Image 
A Busy Week at the Gatornationals

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