Early Years

Hailing from Haines City, Florida, Derwin first watched a Seminoles game at the age of five, and from that point forward he made a commitment to do everything in his power to someday play football at Florida State University. Most dismissed Derwin’s ambitious goal as a pipe dream, being that the majority of people where he grew up did not attend college, much less receive a full scholarship to play football. But this did not deter Derwin- if anything, it motivated him and made his future successes all the sweeter. His work ethic on the field and in the classroom paid off when the scholarship offer came at the young age of 14. Upon arriving to FSU, Derwin was ready to unleash his potential at the next level. The safety known for his athleticism and read of the game turned heads the moment he took the field in his freshman debut. After three electrifying seasons at Florida State, and earning All-American accolades, Derwin made a name for himself as arguably the most complete defensive prospect in 2018.


The Los Angeles Chargers selected Derwin in the first round of the NFL draft and added the superstar piece that has propelled them to be one of the best defensive units in the league. In just his rookie year, Derwin James has already taken the NFL by storm with his ability to dominate games and be a reliable leader for the Los Angeles Chargers’ defense. Derwin has already made history this year by becoming the first DB in the NFL to ever post 3 sacks in the first 4 games of his career. Derwin has consistently led his team in total tackles and sacks and energized the Chargers fan base while becoming the NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year favorite along the way. Derwin finished the season with 105 tackles, 3 INTs, and 3.5 sacks. His impact went beyond the numbers as he was selected to the 2019 Pro Bowl and earned 1st team All-Pro. 


Off The Field

The love of the game that Derwin had as a child racing around grocery store aisles, running for imaginary touchdowns, is still being displayed when he takes the field every Sunday, but this time he’s protecting the Chargers' end zone from the nation’s best. Remembering where he came from, Derwin never takes an opportunity for granted and is the type of teammate that makes those around him better. His relentless drive is what launched him onto the national stage, and the 22 year old weapon shows no signs of slowing down. He has put in the work to make his statement in the NFL, and is now chasing his next goal of bringing a championship to the city of Los Angeles.