Back to Philly

Back to Philly

It’s been a crazy time the past few weeks but I wanted to get some of my thoughts in here for my fans.

First, to the Buccaneers and all the fans in Tampa Bay: thank you! I know we didn’t get to do what we ultimately wanted to do but it was a great time. I’ll miss my guys. I know they’re still going to ball out though.

Next thing: Philly, I’m back!

It’s crazy to me to think that I’m an Eagle again. It’s definitely real and I am excited. Putting on that green and balling in front of those Philly fans, makes me wish the season started tomorrow. I know they got that ring two years ago but now I’m here to make sure we get another one.

It’s going to be fun rocking with Carson and the boys. I know we can be one of the top offenses in the game once we get rolling. The hype is real!

Philly, let’s get it. I hope y’all ready!