Here for the Long Haul

Here for the Long Haul

It feels good to be 2-0. Especially after we kept hearing all the haters and doubters before the year ever started. Everyone was telling us that we were going to finish last in the division. People were saying that I had lost a step. The media was saying that Fitz was washed up. Now those people are real quiet.


We were able to jump out on the Eagles early on Sunday. They gave us a single high safety look to start the game, so I knew that Fitz was coming to me. I was able to get by my guy, make the catch and cut back for the score.


As I ran to the end zone, all I could think of was just that all of this was a blessing in disguise. Here I was making a big play against my former team and showing the rest of the league I still got something left in the tank. I have a whole lot of ball left in me and all you fans need to know that I am here for the long haul.


It is a great feeling to have two big wins under our belts at this point in the season but we gotta remember there’s a lot of season left. We can’t get too excited at this point in the season. We have to keep working hard and keep watching film to get where we want to go.


All I know is that this is a new team compared to last year and the sky is the limit for us. We have a big one coming up against the Steelers, so you better believe we are going to be ready for that.