Dec 14, 2016
The RAW Project

Some of my greatest passions are away from the football field. I've always loved art and have had a passion to empower kids. Being a pro football player has allowed me to pursue both these passions over the past few years.

A few months ago, I had the chance to meet Robert De Los Rios who is the founder of Re-imaging The Arts in Wynwood (RAW for short). He told me about an opportunity to paint a mural at Eneida M. Hartner Elementary School with the goal that this mural would to inspire kids to never stop chasing after their dreams. As soon as he talked about this project, I knew I was all in.

I teamed up with the artist Kai Aspire to tackle this drawing that was to be painted on the side of the elementary school, as a part Miami Art Week. We wanted to design something that was fun, engaging and inspiring. The image that we ended up with is a kid reaching for a star as he stands on a stack of books, which is also stacked on top a football, guitar and soccer ball. We were able to knock out the mural in about a week.

I want kids to see that they can conquer whatever comes at them in life while still pursuing their dreams. Hopefully this mural can play a part in pushing kids to chase after that.

God bless.