Jan 30, 2017
Pro Bowl fun, but now Jarvis Landry says he wants a Miami Dolphins Super Bowl

ORLANDO — Jarvis Landry didn’t have a catch for the AFC in Sunday night’s Pro Bowl.

But as Landry was walking off the field at Camping World Stadium following his team’s victory, he made it clear what is even more important to him.

“This mean a lot,” Landry said of participating in his second Pro Bowl. “But for me, man, my my whole thing is playing in the game next week.”

When Landry was asked what’s next for him and his team, Landry didn’t flinch.

“Super Bowl,” Landry said.

Landry scored a touchdown in last year’s Pro Bowl, but wasn’t heavily involved on Sunday.

Instead, teammate Jay Ajayi carried a load with seven carries and five catches.

Still, Landry had a lot of fun moments this week.

Landry won the first-ever Best Hands contest, barely edging close friend and former teammate Odell Beckham, Jr. Then Landry spiked the football in celebration before being tackled by Beckham.

“I’m enjoying this opportunity,” Landry said. “I’m blessed. The NFL did a good job of making this whole week fun.”

As for the enthusiastic spike?

“I was trying to set the tone, like I always do,” he said.

Beckham predicted this week that Landry would soon receive a deserved extension. Beckham also said Landy is “the greatest I’ve ever seen.

In a hilarious moment this week, Landry, wearing an inflatable sumo outfit, was out-raced by hefty former Dolphins offensive lineman Richie Incognito, wearing no such costume.

Landry noted this week that he has optimism about a new contract. The Dolphins would like to extend him before this season.

Landry’s place among the NFL’s top receivers was once again validated by his Pro Bowl participation.

But after the game was over, he kept bringing the conversation back to the Super Bowl, a game he said is his greater goal.

“Obviously that’s not happening this year,” Landry said. “But it’s fun to be a part of this.”