Dec 22, 2016
Upcoming Game Against Buffalo

Dolphins wide receiver Jarvis Landry met with reporters on Wednesday to discuss his big touchdown in New York. Juice also discussed the challenge that the Bills defense will pose on Saturday.

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On jokes about his speed:

I think I laid to rest all those slow jokes. Hopefully people respect that I got a little speed. Kenny was giving me the hardest time. I had to look back at the film- I didn't throw my head back, it was good form. All that matters is that you don't get caught, no matter how fast you are.

On playoffs and Buffalo:

We're excited for the challenge. This team, we've overcome a lot of adversity. We were 1 and 4, but put together 7 straight. The mentality has definitely shifted in a way that's going to allow to do some special things. Obviously, we're going to be tested in Buffalo but it's something we're looking forward to.

On Dolphins being respected as a team:

I've been around this group of guys, in this locker room, in this building, there's a lot of just blue collared workers who are gonna let the results and record speak for themselves.

On confidence in Matt Moore:

 There's no doubt in our mind that he can get us to where we need to be. Obviously, now he's our starting quarterback. He stepped in the Arizona Cardinals game, and he showed the world what he can do last last Saturday. We're just going to continue to push our best foot forward and make plays for him.



Miami Dolphins | Dec 21, 2016