Beating the Steelers

Beating the Steelers

I think I caught people off-guard after the game Sunday night when I talked about feeling frustrated. Don’t get my frustration confused with not feeling awesome about the win. I felt great about the win, and I’m happy we got it.

But with the Steelers and the way they’ve been throughout my time here, especially over the course of the last couple years, you just don’t want to leave points out there because you know what they’re capable of doing.

I think Marty called a great game; he’s been calling great games all year. Against the Steelers, the last three times we’ve been here, he’s called unbelievable games.

Plays like the ones John made-- they give you confidence, they get you going. They take out the aspect of going long and hard and having to get a lot of third downs to score touchdowns. When you can get chunks like that and get first downs on first and second down, it just makes your offense a lot more efficient.

They do a lot of things that you don’t even see. They keep guys healthy. They go a long way for sure.

What’s really great, is that I think we are a better offense than we’ve shown.

We don’t have a lot of our tight ends healthy, but we have a lot of versatility at the position. We have a lot of versatility in our wide receiver group; I think our running backs do a great job of rotating in there. They all do the things that they do really well.

It’s exciting to have so much versatility and so many options, but our job is to continue to go out there and execute no matter what.

The offensive line—I think those guys are the key. They are the only five guys that are out there every single play. They have to play a physical game every single week. Keeping those guys healthy is a big deal because they are playing really awesome right now.

It was a good, tough game much like it always is when we play the Steelers. But now it’s time to move on to Cleveland!