Execution & Confidence

Execution & Confidence

Last week’s game was a tough loss. There isn’t a whole lot that needs to be said about it-- we simply have to play better. You can definitely see why it’s important to get off to a good start in this league.

We always go into a game with a fine-tuned plan on what we are going to do in those first couple drives; it’s all about going out there and staying the course and executing the simple things.

Not shooting yourself in the foot with penalties also helps.

But after the start we had, we did a lot of good things. The fact that we were able to get back into the game shows a lot about our team. It shows a lot about what we are capable of doing. We just have to keep that in mind moving forward. We all just need to do our individual job and not try to do too much. If we just do what we are asked to do, everything will take care of itself.

Making sure the Denver pass rush is controlled will help us get off to a better start when the Broncos come to town this week. Not just Von Miller; everyone on their defensive front is a talented pass rusher.

As for Von-- there are good players across the league, and he’s one of them. He’s very disruptive. But that’s going to be taken care of by the guys up front, our backs, everybody—it’s all hands on deck. We’ll have a plan for him and their pass rush. We won’t have to worry about it too, too much every single play when we get up to the line.

Denver is a good team with a lot of talented players—but so are we. We’ve had a good week preparing for them so far, and we are confident we’ll be ready for them on Sunday.