Football is a Dangerous Game

Football is a Dangerous Game

I understand what the league is trying to do with the rule changes. Football takes a heavy toll on the body. Guys are having issues long after they’re done playing and like everyone—I feel for those guys and hope I don’t suffer the same fate.

But, at the same time, this is football, man. We all sign up to get hit. We all sign up knowing we might get hurt. During my career, I’ve been sacked a lot and sometimes they hurt. Sometimes the pain lingered, but I had a job to do.  

As long as the pain was not because of an injury, I had a game to finish.

Football is a violent sport. It’s meant to be that way. Every time we go out there, we’re putting our career on the line. That’s what makes football a little bit different. I think that’s what makes it interesting to watch.

Of course, as a QB, I’m all for not getting hit more than I have to. QBs – they’re the least tough guy on the field. But that doesn’t mean I‘m going to look for a flag every time I take a hard hit.

Honestly-- I just don’t really think about it during the game. I’m just trying to execute the play and do all that stuff. I don’t have time to worry about whether they’re going to call a flag or not. That’s what my family is up in the stands for.

I feel for the defensive guys on this issue. Not only are they getting penalized—which is never good -- but these calls are affecting outcomes of games.  Paychecks are getting taken away from people like it’s no big deal. But it is a big deal. That’s a lot of money for anybody.

So, there’s a lot of issues with those calls, I think.