It's Part of Football

It's Part of Football

Sunday was a tough day. To play as well as we did, fall behind, and then come back but ultimately fall short is rough.

But you know—situations like that are just part of football, man. You’re going to play tough games. That is a good football team that we played.

I think it was kind of our style of play, to be honest with you – there weren’t very many possessions. But, at the same time, it was their style, too, because I’m sure they’re a good fourth-quarter team throughout the years.

You just have to take it for what it is. Really, remember how we feel right now and make sure we nip it in the bud, get it out of our system right now and move onto next week.

Will it be tough to bounce back from something like this?

I hope not. As I said, I think we’ve got a really good group. Sunday was one of these games that could’ve gone either way. There’s no sense in putting your head down and crying about stuff like that. You just have to move on.

There are good lessons in everything. At the end of the year, we can’t be looking back and regretting a game getting away because of how we thought about it the week before.

You just have to go, ball out, and at the end of the 16 game season, you have to be able to look back at what you did and be proud of how you reacted to things. I think when you do that, that’s how you give yourself the best chance of being in the playoffs.

It’s not about worrying about what your record is right now and comparing yourself to everybody else. Just keep your head down and keep winning football games, and before you look up – maybe you’ll win five in a row and be where you want to be.

But you can’t do that until the very end.

For now, we are going to learn what we can from Sunday and start getting ready for the Panthers.