So Far, So Good/Cleveland Browns

So Far, So Good/Cleveland Browns

We’re only four games in but obviously, we like some of the stuff we’re doing. We can be better at a lot of stuff, too. Is this team the most complete one we’ve had since I’ve been here? It’s tough to compare 10 years of football teams. We have had a lot of good teams over the years and we have had a lot that have had sustained success throughout the year.

It’s tough to compare a team that has only been going at it for four weeks. It’s early in the year, we’re playing well, but we’re still making some mistakes. We have the potential to be a good football team; we just have to continue making it happen.

It’s always good to start on a roll like we have, especially with new guys.

I believe that creating the kind of numbers we are on offense, it creates more of a team atmosphere. Everybody’s in it and everybody’s carrying their own weight. It creates more confidence as a team and more of a camaraderie.

Winning is the most important thing, but there are a lot of things that go into that and create a winning environment. Playing well on both sides of the ball is a big part of that.

As for the Browns, we know that protecting the ball is going to be key. They have a lot of guys that play really hard and run to the football.  When you think of takeaways, as a QB, you think of interceptions and things like that. But I think these guys really run to the ball and tackle well. Since they do, when balls do come out, they have a lot of guys right there ready to get on it.

They’re a good football team. They’ve always played us really tough. A lot of games come down to the wire. Going along with all the stuff they do well, they have a lot of good personnel over there.

Should be a tough test for sure this week.