It’s getting colder outside, the weatherman is talking more and more about snow, and you’re starting to hear Christmas music everywhere you go. That can only mean one thing—the holiday season is here.

A big part of the holidays for most people, especially Thanksgiving, is food—and I’m no different. I look forward to diving into my favorite Thanksgiving food, the turkey, every year. There’s nothing quite like a piece of pumpkin pie after you clean your plate, too.  

When I was younger my mom and aunts would get together with my grandmother to make all of the desserts and sides for the big day. Now, my family and I have gotten together with some of my teammates for dinner where everyone brings something. It’s a good mix of family and friends.

How can you think of the holidays and not immediately think football? The game has always been a part of the holiday season, especially Thanksgiving. I’ve been fortunate to play in a couple Thanksgiving day games during my NFL career but most of the time I do what everyone else is doing, eating great food and watching the games.

Growing up my high school always played against our big rival on Thanksgiving. But what made it really special for the family was that my school’s rival happened to be where my dad went to high school and played football. Win or lose it was always a fun trip home after the game.

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on your family and all of the traditions and events you enjoyed growing up. I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!