• 10.17.18

    Breaking Through

    It feels great to get a win of course, but I must admit—having success in the run game this week makes it a little sweeter. We’ve been wanting to run the ball like that all season, and we knew that we were capable. It was just a matter of going out there and doing it.   If we&...

  • 10.10.18

    You Have to Believe

    We knew heading into Sunday’s game against the Eagles that we’d have our work cut out for us. They’re the defending Super Bowl champions for a reason. But we knew we could handle them and we definitely expected to win.   It feels good. To come in and win in this environ...

  • 10.04.18

    The Run Game/Going Back to Philly

    People say a lot of things about playing on Thursdays, but I think it’s good to get a few extra days to let the body recover and get some rest. It doesn’t hurt to have the chance to take a mental break and then come back ready to get back to work. Going forward, improving the run ga...

  • 09.26.18

    My Love of Photography

    Some people might not know this about me but one of my favorite hobbies, besides football, is photography. I really started getting into it because of Instagram. I would see other people’s profiles and all of the dope pics they took. That made me want to take pics like that from my point of vi...

  • 09.20.18

    Our Run Game

    I’ve heard that some people may be concerned a little about our run game since we haven’t used it much. Would it be nice to run the ball more? As a running back, of course I’m going to say yes. But the important thing is winning games. We’ve been doing that, so I’m happ...

  • 09.15.18

    Focus is key, on and off the field

    Focus—it’s an understated quality for successful NFL players. Without it, how can you train as hard as you can in March when you have months until training camp? Successful players, heck—successful people, are able to focus on their end goal and continue working towards it no matte...

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