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  • 11.14.18

    Prepping For Sunday Night Football

    As much as I miss the routine that comes with getting ready for a game, I do appreciate the benefits of having a bye at this point in the season. We are over the halfway point. Even if you haven’t spent much time in the trainer’s room, your body could use a break. So, yeah—the t...

  • 11.06.18

    Getting It Done

    Let me start by saying how happy I am we got the win Sunday. There’s a lot of football still to come, but to get a win over a tough division foe—that was huge.  We knew how big a win would be and we went out there and got it done. The defense deserves a lot of credit for the win....

  • 10.30.18

    Needing a Win

    Every week there’s a test that we have to step up and take. Last week, it was having the No. 1 rushing defense come to town. We knew it was going to be tough to run on them. When we tried, I don’t think we did that bad. But when they got ahead, we had to pass more and ended up getting aw...

  • 10.23.18

    The Run Game Isn't Always Pretty

    After a big game on the ground last week, we were hoping to have another good day on the ground game against the Jets. But they do a good job of scheming up and showing you some different looks and different fronts. When it comes to the run game, you’ve got to know that not every game is go...

  • 10.17.18

    Breaking Through

    It feels great to get a win of course, but I must admit—having success in the run game this week makes it a little sweeter. We’ve been wanting to run the ball like that all season, and we knew that we were capable. It was just a matter of going out there and doing it.   If we&...

  • 10.10.18

    You Have to Believe

    We knew heading into Sunday’s game against the Eagles that we’d have our work cut out for us. They’re the defending Super Bowl champions for a reason. But we knew we could handle them and we definitely expected to win.   It feels good. To come in and win in this environ...

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