• 09.20.18

    Our Run Game

    I’ve heard that some people may be concerned a little about our run game since we haven’t used it much. Would it be nice to run the ball more? As a running back, of course I’m going to say yes. But the important thing is winning games. We’ve been doing that, so I’m happ...

  • 09.15.18

    Focus is key, on and off the field

    Focus—it’s an understated quality for successful NFL players. Without it, how can you train as hard as you can in March when you have months until training camp? Successful players, heck—successful people, are able to focus on their end goal and continue working towards it no matte...

  • 09.04.18

    Pursuing My MBA

    Away from the field, I recently went back to school to pursue my MBA. Some people may think that is an odd decision since I am still playing in the NFL, but once you have been in the league as long as I have you see the small window of opportunity you have. I am planning for life after football and...

  • 09.01.18

    Friday Night Lights

    This time of year always makes me think back to playing under the Friday night lights at Onondaga High School in Nedrow, NY. I remember the big plays, the close games but more than anything I remember the fun and the friendships with my teammates.  We had a lot of wins while I was there, lot...

  • 08.11.18

    Stepping Up To Expectations

    It was amazing to be a part of a Vikings team last year that won 13 games and made it to the NFC Championship game. We were only able to enjoy the success of last season for a little bit, because you got to get to work and get ready for a new season and new expectations. We know that we have to step...

  • 07.30.18

    High Expectations

    This year we have high expectations. We want to build off the things we were able to do well last year and come together as a team for another deep playoff run. Sure, there are outside expectations but we have our own expectations and we can’t look ahead. We can’t win a Super Bowl unless...

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