Off-Season Recap

Off-Season Recap

I have known for awhile that I always loved this game and I also knew what is important to me which is family and football. Losing in the NFC Championship game last year kinda woke me up to how important winning is to me. So two weeks later when the Super Bowl came to Minneapolis, I had no desire to be in town. Why come and see another team in a position I want to be in? Why come and do all these appearances when I am not feeling right about it.

So I packed up my car and drove from Minnesota to Miami for some meditation and mental relaxation. Getting out of town and reflecting on the past season put me in a great place and now I am excited about having another opportunity with this team.  

One of the highlights of my off season was the USO Tour trip I took to Germany and Italy. I went with a group of NFL guys to visit the troops and the experience gives you perspective. Living overseas, the troops and their families face sacrifices.  A lot of people might not know but my fiance is an active member in the Navy. Fortunately she isn’t serving overseas but ultimately the troops don’t have much say so on where they can be stationed.

The troops have a greater goal in mind which is serving the country and making sure we are allowed freedoms that we have. The whole experience put a lot things in perspective and gave me a greater appreciation for doing what I do and knowing the troops are allowing me to do it.

I took some time off, rested up then got back to training and working out but all of that is to get better. All of us on this team have come together so we can accomplish what we want to accomplish. I have a lot of room for improvement and I would never say I am great at anything but I can say I have a great work ethic. I can be better at pass protection, yards after contact, better at catching the ball,  plenty of room for improvement. I know that I have to get better and that will help me.

I want the ball anyway I can get it, so I know I need to improve. It takes me earning the coaches trust to keep me on the field on third down, being a reliable running back that can catch the ball as well as run it.