Our Run Game

Our Run Game

I’ve heard that some people may be concerned a little about our run game since we haven’t used it much. Would it be nice to run the ball more? As a running back, of course I’m going to say yes. But the important thing is winning games. We’ve been doing that, so I’m happy.

Am I worried about the lack of production in the run game? Not at all.

Stats are often misleading-- but I do think we can be better. The explosive runs haven’t been there, yet. I don’t think the numbers have been there, but I think we’ve been doing some good things.  We have to keep doing those things well but also continue working to get better.

Getting the chance to run more would be great and all, but we’ve done it enough and well enough that defenses have to respect. That means our receivers are going to see more one-on-one coverage. With the talent we have out there and Kirk at quarterback—if we can help them get the kind of matchups they want, I’d say we’re doing our job.

This week, the Bills are coming to town. They’ve been struggling so far this year, but fans don’t have to worry—we won’t take them lightly. This is the NFL, and we are playing against the best of the best every week. They are professionals; they’ll get it figured out sooner or later.

But we’ve been practicing hard and getting the game plan implemented. We’ll be ready for the Bills come Sunday. Dalvin won’t be able to go, but I’m ready to carry the load and do what I can to help the team win.