The Run Game/Going Back to Philly

The Run Game/Going Back to Philly

People say a lot of things about playing on Thursdays, but I think it’s good to get a few extra days to let the body recover and get some rest. It doesn’t hurt to have the chance to take a mental break and then come back ready to get back to work.

Going forward, improving the run game is going to be a goal. We have to figure it out; we have to be better. When we do get the touches, we need to be a little more efficient. We have to eliminate the negative runs. We do that, and we can create some more opportunities.

It’s a long season. We have to continue to take it one week at a time whether the results are what we want or not. We have put all our energy and focus into the next game and hopefully, we’ll come out with the outcome we want.

This week—we have the Philadelphia Eagles.

For everyone that was here last year, this one may mean a little more. They got our number last year. They are a great team; the defending champs. But I’m just excited for our next opportunity to play—especially after losing last week.

We’re expecting a hostile crowd, of course. Me-- I love playing in front of hostile crowds. To me, there is no better feeling than when everyone is cheering against you, wanting to see you fail, and then you prove them wrong.

I think that is just life at times, right?

Both teams are in different places than they were last year. We’ve both had some personnel changes. Both teams are coming off a loss. It will be another good match for us.

Go Vikings!