The Run Game Isn't Always Pretty

The Run Game Isn't Always Pretty

After a big game on the ground last week, we were hoping to have another good day on the ground game against the Jets. But they do a good job of scheming up and showing you some different looks and different fronts.

When it comes to the run game, you’ve got to know that not every game is going to be pretty. You’ve got to keep pounding. It might be a 2-yard gain, a 4-yard gain, and then the big one is coming, so I think we have to stick with that mentality.

That certainly helped set up my big run touchdown run in the fourth quarter. The key there was to get the defense running sideways. Sometimes you go at them and at them, and the key is to get them running. Once you get them running, you put your foot in the ground if it opens up.

But now we have a big rematch with the Saints on Sunday Night Football. Their defense has been getting better and better each week. So, we know it’s not going to be easy to get either aspect of the offense going: run or pass.

But we have a talented team and some great coaches. Come Thursday night, we’ll be ready.