Needing a Win

Needing a Win

Every week there’s a test that we have to step up and take. Last week, it was having the No. 1 rushing defense come to town. We knew it was going to be tough to run on them. When we tried, I don’t think we did that bad. But when they got ahead, we had to pass more and ended up getting away from the run.

I think the success we had was a testament to how hard the guys on the offensive line work, the game plan and having new guys step in. When someone goes down, we should still be able to block things up and run the ball the way we want.

We’ll learn from this game like we do every game and move onto the next, a division opponent—the Detroit Lions. We have a really tight division this year, so this is one we really need to win.

I have no idea if we’ll have Dalvin back or not. I know how bad he wants to be out there. I don’t think he needs any added conversation from me. I’m here for him; he knows that. But I know for him, he just wants to get healthy and get back on the field.

He’s been taking it one day at a time, and we’ll be ready for him when he does get back.

Should he be back for the Lions, we’ll be happy to have him. That will mean splitting the carries which is fine with me. It doesn’t matter to me if he gets more carries or I do.

I just want to win.