Week Two Outlook

Week Two Outlook

Last week was a good week for us. I think we definitely did some good things. Overall, we did enough to win the game, but I think we can be better on offense. The defense stepped up for us with a couple turnovers, a pick-6, and a big stop in the red zone. Without everything they did, that becomes a different game.


Now that we have the first game out of our systems, we are looking to improve off last Sunday and just be better this week. That is something that’s important every week— getting better from one game to the next.


What are we going to improve on?


I don’t think there is a specific area we need to improve on this week. I think, for us, continuing to do the things we know we can do well will be important. Of course, the real test comes when you get a defense in front of you and they try to stop those things.


What those things are, I can’t specifically say right now. We’re going to control the things we can control and do the things we want to do. We’re going to get the ball downfield, we’re going to have some explosive runs and passes. We’re going to stay on track and take things as they come.


We’ll have our work cut out for us against their defense. Their new coordinator is probably going to give us some different looks. We’ll be as prepared as we can be for them based off what we know about him and what they did last week.


I’m not sure what the forecast is for this Sunday but if we can get a nice day for some football obviously that’s great, but we are always prepared for the weather whether it’s good or bad.


For me, and I’ll always say this—I need to make sure the reps and snaps that I get are perfect. I need to make sure I am doing everything I can to make those plays successful. Last week, I think I had some good plays, and some plays I could have done better.


As for Aaron Rodgers and whether he’s going to play-- we’ll be prepared for whoever plays at any position. But I know Rodgers is a competitor; everyone in this league is. But we’ll be prepared for whatever they decide to do.