Everybody always likes to talk about expectations for this year and how last year played out, but we’re not worried about that; all that outside talk. The talk, it comes with everything, but you can’t listen to it. You just got to put it to the side and focus on what’s ahead of you.


We always expect the most. So, we are going to come out and practice like it. It never matters what anyone says; we know we have a great team, so our expectations are high at every position. We are out here competing; we are out here getting the job done.


We focused on a being better football team than we were last year. That’s all we are focused on; being the best that we can be.


Expectations are high, but because we make them high not because other people make them high. We’ve made them high because we know we have the talent. Since I’ve been here, I feel like we’ve always had a great team. Injuries have just held us back a little bit from being a special team.  


I think we could have been a playoff team last year-- but we fell short. We came out and dug ourselves a hole at the start of the season. Why? Maybe it was just a lack of focus. I don’t know. Whatever it was, we’re not going to allow it to happen again.


Starting off in that hole like we did—that hurt us a lot. So, we have got to practice and be close and fine-tune all the details.   


We can’t be perfect, but we can always try to be.