Back in the Win Column

Back in the Win Column

I’m sure most people didn’t expect us to go to Lambeau against one of the best quarterbacks in the league and come away with a win, but that’s what we did. It felt good to have that feeling after the game. There’s nothing like that winning feeling.

We played a solid game all-around and got rewarded. On defense, we knew we had to try and shut down their passing game if we wanted to have a shot. That QB on the other side is one of the best, so stopping him was definitely a priority.

Then our offense took care of the rest. Green Bay in December is not an easy place to play and we knew that heading into it. Josh and the guys did a great job of putting up points when we needed it.

The season has just a month left and that’s plenty of time for us to keep working and keep on getting some wins. This next one with Detroit won’t be easy, we know that. They got a strong offense and some playmakers on defense.

We trust our coaches to put together a game plan that will lead us to success and we look forward to showing out next Sunday!