Containing The Big Play

Containing The Big Play

I feel like our defense played well against Dallas on Monday night. To be able to hold an explosive offense to 58 yards in the first half and under 200 yards in the second half is a solid showing on our part. Our problem in the game was giving up the big play. They were able to capitalize on busted plays and turn them into big plays.

That’s what happened on the touchdown to Dez Bryant. We were in zone coverage, Dez ran underneath me and I released him to the next zone defender. Dak was able to get him the ball and Dez did a great job of making a play. I tried my best to make an open field tackle but he just got away from me. In a situation like that against such a talented playmaker, we have to try our best to rally to the ball. As a defense we have to try to contain big plays and make sure they don’t happen moving forward.

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The goal of our offense on Monday night was to start fast. That’s exactly what they did by getting us a lead early in the first half. Obviously, we weren’t able to get the win and there are a few plays we wish we could have back. Our guys did show they were in sync and that’s something we will continue to build on moving forward.

In most NFL games, the outcome is usually determined by just 4 or 5 plays during the course of the entire game. We wish we could see those plays coming but you simply can’t. We just have to make sure that we are dialed in for all 60 minutes so we can come out on top next week.