'Definitely a different feel this year' for Patrick Peterson, Cardinals at training camp

'Definitely a different feel this year' for Patrick Peterson, Cardinals at training camp

While cornerback Patrick Peterson is in his eighth year in the league, something feels different about this year's training camp. A new head coach, new defense and new players will certainly do that. But Peterson felt a new energy on Saturday, as well.

"Oh for sure," he said. "You always want to put your best foot forward, but when you have a new crew coming in here, you definitely want to show them what you can do so they can be able to gain their trust in you.

"So having a new staff and having guys eager to play, juiced up, is definitely a different feel this year in this training camp."

With the Cardinals back on the field at University of Phoenix Stadium for training camp, Peterson is now eyeing the next place he wants to return.

"Very, very just eager to get back on the stat sheet. Obviously I know teams have been avoiding me over the last couple of years," he said.

Peterson had just one interception last year as teams adapted around him. Throughout the summer, Peterson has hinted that he felt that the new defensive schemes from head coach Steve Wilks would free him up and allow him to terrorize opposing offenses once again. He feels the team as a whole will play faster in a 4-3, with more pressure on the opposing quarterback.

"It’s definitely going to be an intriguing system for me because I’m going to be doing different things than I did in my first seven years here," he said. "I’m at that point in my career where I have the notoriety of being a shutdown corner, and now teams try to lure me to sleep.

"Now teams try to bring a third receiver in to get me deep, get me tired a little bit. So I definitely will be more tuned into the game than I ever have been because you never know when that opportunity is going to come."

With those new schemes came renewed enthusiasm. Peterson says he's ready to run "through a brick wall for coach." Lucky for him, bricks are readily available at training camp.

Right now, each player has a brick sitting in his locker. The bricks carried their names and some symbolism.

"Every opportunity you have to step on the field, you have to lay a brick," Peterson explained. "That’s the foundation, and we want to build a strong, reliable foundation. No tornado, no hurricane, no crazy storm can break this team apart, and that’s what that brick symbolizes."

    Source: AZ Central | Katherine Fitzgerald | July 28, 2018