Patrick Peterson Inspired By JD Martinez’s Big Night

Patrick Peterson Inspired By JD Martinez’s Big Night

Arizona Diamondbacks outfielder J.D. Martinez put on a show Monday night when he launched four home runs in a game against the Los Angeles Dodgers. Arizona cruised to a 13-0 win on the back of his power, with the whole baseball world — and apparently the other Arizona professional teams — taking notice, including Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson.

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Peterson has had more than four interceptions in a single season only once in his six-year NFL career.

Unlike his baseball counterpart that can merely be walked, Peterson can continue to rack up the picks during a game.

Not only is a four-interception game from a quarterback rare, it’s even rarer for a defender to achieve the mark. Only 14 previous players have ever achieved the feat in NFL history.

Source: Fan Rag Sports | Jesse Borek | Sep 4, 2017