Pierre Andre Garçon, born August 8, 1986, is a wide receiver who plays in the National Football League. His career started with the Indianapolis Colts in 2008, where he made a name for himself catching passes from Peyton Manning. In 2012, Garcon moved on to the Washington Redskins, spending 5 years in DC before leaving via free agency and signing with the San Francisco 49ers.


Away from the field Garçon's foundation, Helping Hands, aims to help the nation's underprivileged youth have the resources needed to be successful.



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The Pierre Garçon Helping Hands Foundation was officially founded in June of 2010 but was first conceived long before. The foundation was started by Haitian-American Football player Pierre Garçon who’s family hails from Leogene, Haiti a town near Port au Prince. The Foundation’s efforts were greatly affected and influenced by the earthquake of January 12, 2010. While the idea for a foundation had been a long-time coming, the need for immediate assistance, awareness and hope pushed Pierre’s cause and fundraising efforts into full speed. Pierre also recognized first-hand the need for sustainable aid and assistance programs throughout the country that would last long-after disaster relief efforts ceased. Currently the Pierre Garçon Helping Hands Foundation is establishing relationships with organizations that are looking to give haitians a new beginning by developing shelter, establishing education and providing hope.

Our mission is to bring enduring education, health and community programs to the people of Haiti; to provide long-term sustainable initiatives that will continue to positively influence the lives of Haitians.