Week 3 Thoughts

Week 3 Thoughts

I’m pleased with how our team responded after dropping the opener against the Texans. We needed to come out ready to play and prove we have what it takes to be a winning football team. We did that.

It was unfortunate to see RG go down, but Kirk stepped up big. His performance and Alfred’s playmaking ability were huge factors in the win. We fixed a lot of issues we had as a team in week 1 by finishing off drives, taking care of the ball and adjusting well to coverages. One of our major issues against the Texans was reacting to their tight coverage, something we overcame against this Jags D. It is great to see such an improvement over a week. It really adds to the optimism in the locker room and on the field.

Our offense certainly played well, but our defense had themselves a day! They held the Henne and the Jag offense to 8 first downs and under 150 total yards. They had 10 sacks as a unit and Kerrigan had four to himself. It was just a great outing by the defense, which took a lot of pressure off the offense and allowed us to take more chances. That really allows us to play at a comfortable level on offense.

If we’re going to be successful this week, we have to keep playing at a high level on both sides of the ball. The Eagles’ offense has shown they can move the ball down field and come back from being down. Their defense if tough too, so we’ll need to execute on offense and make the most of each play. It’s going to be an intense, physical game. Our teams have a lot of history together and we both have something to prove going into this weekend. I’m looking forward to the chance to bring home a Redskin victory.