All In

All In

It is tough to go into the bye with a loss hanging over you but things are what they are. This season has been tougher than any of us anticipated but I think that sort of adversity is what can bring teams together. I’ve seen a true brotherhood formed in this team and guys are willing to do whatever it takes to win because they want to win for the other guys on this team.

There just has to be a level of passion when you take the field and you have to find what can trigger that passion. Whatever your motivation is - brotherhood, success, being a competitor - you just have to tap into that every single game. Flipping that switch is what separates good players from great ones and you will never find me on the field when I am not all in.

A big point of growth for us will be to finish games as we go into the rest of the season. We’ve had a few games already where we have grabbed a lead only to let it slip through our hands late in the game. We know that has been an issue and we are going to work to remedy that.

Even with all the adversity we have had and all the opportunities to make excuses - our guys have never quit. We continue to fight with everything we have, week in and week out. That sort of resolve is not something you see everyday and I know that is setting us up for success here in the very near future.

We’re just starting to figure out what it means to win as a team and once we figure that out - watch out. We have the resolve, the brotherhood and the people to be a team to be reckoned with sooner rather than later.