49ers offense among NFL's best in yards after catch

49ers offense among NFL's best in yards after catch

For the 49ers, one positive sign on the offensive side of the ball is their ability to rack up yards after the catch.

NFL Matchup on ESPN tweeted out the league leaders in yards-after-catch, and the 49ers fall in at No. 4, just ahead of the Rams.



This is a testament to a couple things.

First, Kyle Shanahan is a dynamite play designer who gets players in positions to have open field to run after the catch. We see opposing defenders lose 49ers pass catchers in routes all the time. Shanahan also designs some nice screens that allow for plenty of YAC.

This is also a nice nod to some of the playmakers the 49ers are accumulating on offense. Tight end George Kittle has several long runs after catches this year on screen passes and throws down the field. Matt Breida and Raheem Mostert have done a nice job running off short throws in the passing game, and wide receiver Marquise Goodwin makes an impact in that area with his speed.

Perhaps the most glaring issue for San Francisco is their lack of YAC from receivers. They don’t have a bonafide playmaker outside of Goodwin on the outside, and that’s harmed them in a variety of ways.

For now we’re seeing just how good Shanahan is with his offensive scheme and game plans. San Francisco is desperately lacking some weapons to be a complete offense, yet they continue putting up big plays and staying in games thanks in part to those yards-after-catch. It’s an exciting preview of what this offense has the potential to become.


Source: NinersWire | October 25, 2018 | Kyle Madson