The Pierre Garçon Helping Hands Foundation was officially founded in June of 2010 but was first conceived long before. The foundation was started by Haitian-American Football player Pierre Garçon who’s family hails from Leogene, Haiti a town near Port au Prince. The Foundation’s efforts were greatly affected and influenced by the earthquake of January 12, 2010. While the idea for a foundation had been a long-time coming, the need for immediate assistance, awareness and hope pushed Pierre’s cause and fundraising efforts into full speed. Pierre also recognized first-hand the need for sustainable aid and assistance programs throughout the country that would last long-after disaster relief efforts ceased. Currently the Pierre Garçon Helping Hands Foundation is establishing relationships with organizations that are looking to give haitians a new beginning by developing shelter, establishing education and providing hope.

Our mission is to bring enduring education, health and community programs to the people of Haiti, to provide long-term sustainable initiatives that will continue to positively influence the lives of Haitians.