A Learning Experience

A Learning Experience

The game didn’t go the way we wanted it to Monday night. There were times where we made some good plays and had guys in position. But we had some trouble doing a lot of the little things that can add up to a win or contribute to a loss.

They are the kind of things that come with practice.  They come with executing in practice and being in those situations when you are tired, exhausted, practice is on the line, and it is the last period—but you still have to be able to compete.

We do a lot of competition periods in practice, but mostly early on before guys get tired. Those little things will come with time. We’ve got a young team. I think our guys fought as hard as they could. We just didn’t get the benefit of the whistle.

Dealing with a down season is not something you ever want to do. But if you play this game long enough, it is going to be something you will eventually have to do. In college (at Stanford), we had a 1-11 season one time.

How do you deal with it? The only way you can. You just have to take it one week at a time. You have to keep guys encouraged and keep guys fighting. Guys show their true character when adversity hits. This is as adverse a situation as you can be in.

But as you can see, guys aren’t folding. Guys aren’t quitting. They aren’t scared. Guys could have quit when we lost our starting quarterback. They could have quit when we lost our second quarterback, our starting running back, or when the injuries started piling up.

But they haven’t. That’s not what these guys do. They keep fighting, and that is all you have to do. That’s when you learn. We are learning how to finish games.

Everything we do is a learning experience. We will learn from this game, just like we do after every game, and move on to the next.