Let's Put Flags On Quarterbacks

Let's Put Flags On Quarterbacks

The league has been tweaking the rules for years in favor of the offenses. I get why—high scores and passing is what excites fans and brings in viewers. So, the NFL is just trying to give the fans what they want.

As a result, the numbers so far this season are unreal. But they are what the league wants They want record passing numbers. You've got an average quarterback; the average quarterback passer rating is like 92 and that used to be Hall of Fame numbers. And now it's not Hall of Fame numbers, that's the average quarterback.

You can't touch him. You can't tackle him. You can't hit him high, can't hit him low. You can't knock him down to the ground hard. You can't hit a receiver too high, you can't hit him low, you can't push him. You can barely press him. It's making it really difficult on teams to combat it because every rule in the book is designed to make sure you don't get them stopped.

Even if a guy gets to the quarterback, if it's third down, it's going to be an automatic first down because more than likely they're going to call roughing the passer even if it's a clean hit, a legal hit. They're going to find a way to extend the drive even if a defense is effective.

My suggestion was to put flags on the quarterbacks. If you don't want them touched, don't want them knocked down, these D-ends and D-tackles and linebackers have long arms so they'll be able to snatch these flags off without touching these guys half the time. So, whenever they're ready to move to that, I'm sure defenses will appreciate it.

They're just trying to make it impossible for guys to play defense. It's an interesting league we play in.