My Week Two Outlook

My Week Two Outlook

It felt great to get back on the field last week. I definitely feel blessed to have the opportunity, and for my body to be in the shape it needs to be in for me to play this game.

It was tough, of course. But, I felt fine afterward, and I feel fine now. It’s a mental game just as much as it’s a physical game and the concepts the Vikings were running were relatively simple. I just put myself in a position to be successful. A lot of times I took my risks here and there where I had the opportunity to, but I think I played solid.

Obviously, it didn’t end how we wanted it to so we learn from it and move on to the Detroit Lions.

Matthew Stafford and the Lions got off to a rough start on Monday night. But Matt is a vet. He’s been one of the better QBs in the league for most of his career. If anyone can bounce back, it’s him.

Their offense relies on the passing game, so it is going to be imperative for myself and the other DBs to have big games. If we give Golden Tate, Marvin Jones, or Kenny Golladay room to run, those guys are going to score.

So, we’ll have to be on our game. If the front seven can put some pressure on Stafford and keep them from getting their running game going, we’ll be in good shape.

After taking our first loss last week, I have no doubt James (most people call him Jimmy; I call him James) will get us going this week.