Tackle Like I Always Tackle

Tackle Like I Always Tackle

I can appreciate what the NFL is trying to do with the new targeting rule. I get that the league and many others think it's going to be just like every other time they decided to focus on something. You know- things like pass interference, the illegal contact, et cetera, et cetera, those were already rules.

You can change them. But this is tackling-- something fundamental to the game. It’s a fundamental change to the game and an impossible one at that.

With how the preseason went, I have no idea how they're going to solve it or police it. No matter how they do it, it will ruin the game. The first call that they make, illegal at the head or whatever the rule is, it's going to start to deteriorate our game.

I think this could hit the younger guys harder than the older ones like me. Younger guys are just trying to do things by the book, trying not to get penalized. Veterans, they're just going to play fast and let the chips fall where they may.

Guys aren't going to intentionally hit guys with their helmet if they can help it, but the game is moving really fast, and guys are just trying to get whoever has the ball to the ground.

Me? I’m not going to worry about it. This rule will not be on my mind at all. I'm going to tackle like I've always tackled.

I don't think a lot of guys will think about it too much, if at all. Penalties will just have to be taken as they come. I'm sure many of the calls will be arbitrary. Two tackles that look exactly the same will be called two different ways.

But you can't let that weigh on your mind. You just have to play football.