Week 8 Status/State of the Team

Week 8 Status/State of the Team

Right now, I can say that I am pretty sure that I am going to play this week. But that could change; we’ll just have to see how it goes.

At the present, I can say that my calf feels decent. It’s feeling alright right now. At this point it is one of those things I am going to have to try to manage as best I can to get through the week.

We are trying to find a schedule to get me through the week and get to Sunday.

As for what happened, it felt fine after missing one week and playing it on it. But last week, it just went bad; it got weak and I couldn’t run.

Come Sunday, I’ll probably go out there and run early. But I am not going to go out there and break a sweat or anything. I’ll just run and see how it feels. If it feels good then I’m playing. If not, we’ll shut it down and make sure we have enough legs to play the game.

Last week I didn’t get a chance to play, unfortunately. But it is not about what happened last week or the week before or what is going to happen next week. It is about what is happening right now, and right now we have the Arizona Cardinals and we are going to go out there, put our best foot forward, and try to get a win.

The Cardinals are going to do the same.They’re struggling just like we are. It’s whoever can battle out of that who gets the win, and then we’ll worry about next week after that.

I’ve been asked how my confidence is doing with how our record is. When you have confidence, it is not the wins and losses that affect it. It’s being a critic to yourself, being hard on yourself, and going out there and putting your best foot forward. Now if I wasn’t playing as hard as I could or playing up to my abilities, then who knows how I’d feel.  

But I am playing as hard as I can and I’m giving it all that I got. My confidence is fine.

As for the team, guys are just trying their best and putting their best foot forward every week. and taking it one week at a time. I think the mentality of the team is just fine thanks to our leadership and coaching.

Coaches aren’t looking to the future; They are not saying anything like this isn’t our year and were looking to the future. They are staying positive and staying the course. There is no finger-pointing. There is no one looking to place blame anywhere.

They coaches are frustrated and so are we. But they aren’t letting that frustration turn into turmoil and cause division among the team. Guys still have a job to do; they still have to go out each week and play every game.

It’s a collective effort and guys understand that.

We’ve had some pretty devastating losses; some close ones we feel like we should have won. But you just have to move forward, and guys understand that. Veterans know they have to be a pro and they’ll get another chance next week.