Week Seven Outlook

Week Seven Outlook

Obviously, last week didn’t go how we wanted it to. But I can honestly say guys are playing as hard as they can. The mistakes that have happened, have gotten corrected by the coaches in meetings and things like that. I’m sure that one of these days it’ll turn around. It’s football. Very few trends stay the course.

A big focus for us now is just getting guys to play sound football; getting guys to do their job. It’s not wondering who is going to bust this week or who is going to make a mistake. It’s knowing that guys are going to play, at the bare minimum they are going to do their job. And a lot of times, in this defense, that’s good enough.

It's not always the spectacular plays, it’s not always the ‘oh, man, he jumped this route!’ or he beat this guy, it’s just being where you are supposed to be when you are supposed to be there—and doing that for 60,70, 80 plays.

Against a team this week with the offensive potential the Rams have, we can’t afford to take a single play off or for anyone to not do their job on any given play. To do so would be asking for trouble. Their offense is too good.

Jared Goff has come a long way since his rookie year. He's definitely a more confident player. He seems to believe in their offense. Sean McVay's scheme is very intricate and detailed, but he has a great grasp and understanding of it. He has a ton of playmakers, and they've only surrounded him with more.

He seems to have a great rapport with Sean. Their relationship has thrived. Their offense has thrived. He's protected well. A lot has changed for Jared since his rookie year.

It is going to be a challenge to slow Jared and the Rams offense down. But it is one we are capable of if we execute like we know we can.