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  • 01.15.19

    Fast Starts

    What a game! A cold one at that. But you know a little snow can’t slow the Cheetah down. But for reals, we had a fast start and we needed that. To get off to a 14-0 lead so quickly was great for both sides of the ball. Our defense was working out there, to limit an offense like that to only 13...

  • 01.09.19

    Best Time Of The Year

    It’s time to grind man. These playoffs are something different, I can’t describe it. All I know is that this team is ready, we’ve been preparing all last week and now we get to focus on the who’s coming to Arrowhead on Sunday, the Colts. That’s all we’re looking a...

  • 12.20.18

    The 2018 Season

    It’s been a fun season so far with my boys, we’re out there grinding for the Kansas City fans and trying to bring a championship back to Arrowhead. Before the season we had one goal in mind: Super Bowl! It’s that simple. We know the talent we have on this team and we will not be sa...

  • 12.19.18

    Welcome To My Platform

    I would like to welcome all my fans who are reading this and welcome everyone to my Officialize platform. My platform will give my fans an exclusive look into my life, chances at signed gear, and purchase my personal merchandise. I’m very excited to show my fans who I am away from the foo...

  • 12.19.18

    Cheetah Off The Field

    All of my fans see me on the field catching passes, returning kicks, and celebrating touchdowns with my teammates. I just want to make sure my fans can get to know me away from the field and show I’m much more than #10 on the Chiefs. The first thing I think most fans do not know about me is...

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