This team is unbelievable! We went on the road as the underdogs and we took care of business against our divisional rival and accomplished our goal of being 1-0. That’s how we look at it. Yes, the goal is going to Atlanta for the big game, but there is no big game without looking at the one ahead.

Our offense went out on that first drive with Luck throwing dimes and Mack being a bulldozer, and my boy E took care of business. Seeing how efficient they were, we knew they were going to have a great day. On defense, our plan was simple- put pressure on the QB and contain him from extending the play. We know he can make life difficult, he’s done it before, but our linemen were ready for the task. In the secondary, we were primarily playing deep to prevent the big plays. We know #10 on their side of the ball can make things happen, and we weren’t going to let him beat us.

Once we got the lead, we knew it was our job to hold it down. I had to come out for a series cause I tweaked my foot, but I was able to go back out there for my brothers, there was no way I was not going to be out there. With treatment all week, I’m going to be just fine.

Big week ahead, we got Kansas City at Arrowhead. We haven’t played against that QB but we’ve heard a lot about him. We have a lot of films to watch and we’ll have to dissect what makes their offense so successful. They have plenty of playmakers but I like the way we stack up against them. It’s going to be fun, I know our fans will travel well and give us the boost we need. We look forward to it! #ForTheCOLTure

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