13 Reasonzzz Why

13 Reasonzzz Why

Thank you to Carolina for giving me my first opportunity in the NFL and giving me much more than a new team but a community that embraced me and giving me a home away from home. I will cherish all of the relationships I have made and will never forget the experiences I had with the Panthers.

With that said- What’s up Indy?! Man, I am excited to be a part of this organization with all of its rich history. To be joining a new team I’m ready for my new chapter and gear up to help the Colts win a Super Bowl. The Colts just felt like the perfect fit for me and my skill set, and with all the pieces they have on this offense I’m just ready to contribute however I can.

I came here to win, there isn’t really anything else that matters. I don’t need to prove myself, which everyone thinks with my one-year deal, but I came to Indianapolis because they were the best team that had the best chance of getting to the Super Bowl. I just want to have fun and be on a contending team so let’s get it!

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