My Thoughts on Moving to the Rams

My Thoughts on Moving to the Rams


There has not been a whole lot of time to adapt to my new team, play's and surroundings here in Los Angeles, but I feel like things are going really well. The guys on our team and the coaches have done a great job in helping me get adjusted to all of these new things. I definitely have a good comfort level with my role and everything that is expected of me with the Rams.

I feel like I am finally starting to get all the plays down, but it hasn’t been easy. I had to stay up late a lot of nights, even til 2 or 3 in the morning, to get caught up on our playbook. Any free minute I have had was spent studying. I literally have had to study our playbook every night until I couldn’t study anymore. I started learning the formations first and then began to learn all of our route concepts after that. After that, it is just taking what I’ve learned and repping all of our plays out with the first team offense.

Everything finally feels like it is coming together. I’m not having to think as much on the field and now I’m to just go out onto the practice field and play fast. I feel comfortable in the huddle with the guys and I feel like Jared and I are starting to get our timing down. I can’t wait to take what I’ve been learning over to game day so I can start imposing my will on opposing DBs.

I am excited to get this season started. Ever since I was traded to L.A. I’ve been completely focused on football, so much so that I haven’t even found a place to stay yet. I’m hoping after the Colts game that I can find a place to stay and start enjoying L.A. as my home. There’s lots to be excited about with the Rams this year and I’m looking forward to showing all you guys what we’re all about.

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