A Balanced Attack

A Balanced Attack

Finding balance on offense has been something we’ve been working on as an offense. I think we were able to find some of it this past Sunday against the 49ers.

Our run game wasn’t built on one guy on Sunday. Quizz, Jameis and I were all able to find some success on the ground. It felt great this week to be able to get into the end zone, and even better that it came in a win.

We got to maintain our success on the ground to have a chance against Carolina this week. They have too much speed and talent in their front seven for you to lean on a one-dimensional offense. If we maintain a balanced attack all game long, we can keep their defense on their heels and put us in a better position to make plays as an offense.

We’re building something special here. We haven’t gotten there yet, but you can see that potential every so often. Our only hurdle to clear is consistency and we take a step toward that with another solid game this week.

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