A Mental Edge

A Mental Edge

As much as the NFL is a physical game, it is also one big chess match. You have to use your mind to get an edge and that is why I play mind games with my opponents. I want them thinking about my next move and when they are doing that they lose focus. Once I know that I got them guessing, I already won. When I get to that place where I am in a guy’s head, I know that he is not going to be on top of his game.


At this level, everyone is studying and looking for weaknesses. I understand that when you are one of the leaders in the league at getting sacks, teams are looking at my tape a lot so they can figure out ways to stop me. But knowing that doesn’t frustrate me, it just makes me more hungry to step up my game. That sort of stuff is the extra motivation that kept me fueled as I got ready for the season and now it is time to show it on the field.


I always want the opposing offense to be worried about me and I want to keep them guessing on where I am going to line up next. I love that feeling of keeping the other team on their toes. When that happens it frees up my boys on defense to fly around the field and make plays. At the end of the day, our opponents will not know what to do when they face us.  Now is time for us to prepare for the long grind of the regular season but this team is ready. Ready to wreak havoc on the league.

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