A New Year

A New Year

This year we have a lot of new additions to our team, we added some players that came from a long history of winning. They can push other guys on this team to their highest potential. They bring that competitive nature that gets guys to work harder. Obviously last year was a frustrating year for everyone that is a part of the Buccaneers but now is the time to put in the work and so it shows on Sundays.


Camp is about working on getting the timing down with our quarterbacks.  Yeah we will miss Jameis for the first few games but one things about Fitz, he is a veteran in this league and we can relate to each other. We are on the same page about little things, we can look at each other and know. It’s good to get the reps with both guys and keep a nice balance.


For me, anytime I can get an opportunity to make big plays and spark this offense, that’s what I love. That’s my role. Last year was obviously a disappointment but I know that once we all get on the same page it will be different. I feel like our offensive unit as a whole has improved, whether it’s the running game or offensive line we complement each other and that is how we are going to win. Look out for a new and improved Tampa Bay team this year!

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