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When people ask me about the combine and any potential advice I may have I let everyone know one thing, it’s a clean slate. It doesn’t matter if you came from the top school in the country or a small school you’re another member of the combine. You receive a number on your chest and it’s your job to put a name to that number. That was one thing I told myself when I got there.

I was fortunate to prepare myself for this moment at LSU and the great coaches they had there but me being from LSU meant nothing. In the NFL I was a brand new person, with a lot to prove. I was a guy trying to make sure when I left the combine my impression on the scouts did not. I wanted them to talk about me when I left, put my name to the number I am on their clipboard.

When people come to me that’s what I tell them, everyone starts at the same place when you’re there. I had a lot of fun at the combine, I felt I did great during the drills and presented myself well during my interviews with the teams. It was a long week but it was worth it. I definitely think I performed well enough to be taken in the top-10 but I still had no idea who would take me. I let the teams know whoever drafts me will get a leader as well as a ballplayer.

I hope those guys go out this year and just remember that they have to earn it, what you did in college only goes so far.

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