All The Questions

All The Questions

After 3 years in the league, there has been one thing that stays the same: the questions of what I do when the season is over. People always ask me if I stay involved in football after the last game and how I stay busy.

First off, when the last game is over it takes a little while to process. I take a moment to thank God for letting me play an entire season because even if you start a season there’s no guarantee you will finish it. I look back and reflect on my season and take away all the positives of the season but then remind myself of what I can work on and turn the entire season into a learning experience for myself. This past season may not have gone as expected but there are a lot of positives to take away and things to work on.

It does take me a little while to hop off “football mode” but once I do I’m back to myself and looking forward to hanging out with my friends and family. When it comes to football I’m usually not watching the playoffs unless I have some close friends still in play then I’ll root for them. I do look forward to the NBA season though, I’m usually a fan of the NBA playoffs.

I’m really excited to get started on my offseason and plan out my vacations as well as my training schedule to make sure I’m ready for next season. I have a lot of fun things planned this offseason, the main one finally finishing getting my degree. That has always meant everything to me so I’m really excited to be able to accomplish that.

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