Almost A Track Star?

Almost A Track Star?

People like to bring up how I straight hurdle over guys, big guys, in the league. Maybe that’s because I was almost a track star in high school.


In school, our football coach was always encouraging us to try out some other sports to develop our abilities. Now, football is definitely my passion, but I think it’s important to try and diversify your athletic abilities. I mean, some of the best athletes did multiple sports in high school, and I’m always up for a good challenge.


So I figured I would try my hand in track and field, specifically the hurdling event. Now for a big guy I’ve always been pretty fast, and speed is everything in hurdling. Now I wouldn’t go asking around Perry how I was, but I like to think I was pretty good.


So the day of the track meet I was supposed to go after this other guy. I was all hyped and ready to go, and then I saw this guy fall flat on his face. Straight up, he fell right into the track. I’m not one to shy away from the idea of an injury, but seeing that definitely killed my vibe. Track career over.


Three Super Bowl rings later, I like to think I made a pretty good decision sticking with football. I still think playing multiple sports is important though. I love to play basketball, fish (if that counts as a sport) and run. My kids are also into lots of sports. My daughter mainly does gymnastics and my son football, but I encourage them try other sports too.


Although my hurdling career died pretty early on, if the Olympic committee wanted to hit me up for 2020 I’d be up for the challenge.

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