Always Compete

Always Compete

The combine is where I felt I took advantage of my dreams, I was locked in on making sure when I left the combine my name didn’t. I believe that my time at Vanderbilt was crucial to preparing me for the NFL. Playing in the SEC is no joke and we were playing the top talent every week. The coaches and the trainers at Vandy were definitely a huge reason for the success I’ve been able to enjoy in the NFL.

When I showed up to Indy I was feeling confident, I had been training since my college career was over for all the drills ahead. I knew defensive backs were in heavy supply when I was going into the draft and it was fun being able to compete with them. But as much as it was, I needed to make sure I stood out. I knew some of the questions surrounding me at the combine were my speed and how I can fit into different defenses. Of course, I listen to the criticism but I don’t let it get into my head, I know the type of player I am and I let my play do the talking for me.

I was just humbled and honored to be invited to the combine and compete. I definitely think the combination of going to the combine and my Pro Day helped. I wasn’t sure who I would be drafted by, I spoke to many teams and really just let them know what they can expect from me and how I just wanted to win.

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