Gaining Confidence

Gaining Confidence

My first NFL preseason has gone really well for me. My confidence has grown with each practice and that comes from the fact that I’m starting to grasp what I’m doing when I’m on the field for every play. Everytime that I step on that field for a practice or a game, I feel like I know the concepts well and that helps me play faster.


It’s that sort of confidence that helps any player succeed in the NFL. When you go out on the field you can’t be nervous about who you’re playing against. You gotta be confident in yourself to get out there and make big plays. It’s my job to be a playmaker so I’m going to to take the field like I’ve been doing this my whole life.


Putting in time and work is the foundation for success in this league. That’s why I feel that my route running is so strong. I put a lot of time into specific drills that helped me improve my feet and agility. I’ve been working on routes ever since high school and I’m going to carry that into the NFL.


I’m also thankful that I have vets around me that I can talk to and watch for ways to get better at my position. Guys like Allen Robinson, Josh Bellamy and Taylor Gabriel have been great mentors for me for what it takes to be a pro. Being able to watch them and ask questions has been a big part of the game beginning to slow down for me.


I’m ready for the regular season to get kicked off! I cannot wait until we take the field against the Packers so that I can show everyone what I’ve got.



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