Archie Palooza

Archie Palooza

All I can say is wow.  
Never did I think I would have been able to have my own charity event, let alone have one as successful as ArchiePalooza! The event was ridiculous, the support was crazy and it has me excited to make this a thing every year.  

First off, in no particular order, I want to thank all the sponsors. LumberJaxes Axe Throwing, Tito’s Vodka, The Bradley Group, Cold Beer and Cheeseburgers, Marreel Slater Insurance, Tinker Development, Negrete Law Firm, Dude Wipes, Arizona Diamondbacks, BBI Sports Group, Westshore Wealth, Urbal Activ, Love Pup Foundation, Pork on a Fork, Pepsi, Black Hat Security, and Hype Pharm.  A special thank you to my management group at Elite Sports Society as well as event partner Swidzinski Sports Management for bringing this idea to reality. Without their support, none of this is possible.  

I also want to thank all the friends, family and everyone else that played a part in making this event a night to remember. Shout out to my teammates that showed up. (They know who they are) Big thanks to the skipper coming through too. I know we couldn’t get him out of those axe-throwing lanes. A couple of NFL legends also stopped by in Kurt Warner and Larry Fitzgerald. Can’t thank those guys enough.  

And of course, thank you to the fans and everyone who came. You guys truly made this night what it was and I won’t forget that. From cornhole to axe-throwing to music and everything else, this event had it all!  

I’m definitely working on my axe-throwing game for next year. I’m taking home that trophy. The Arizona community has been incredible in the way they’ve embraced me and I’m hoping I can continue to give back in any way that I can.  
Stay tuned for what’s next!  

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