Back On Track

Back On Track

Yards were hard to come by in Week 1 against the Eagles. We just seemed out of sync for most of the game and we couldn’t seem to get on the same page. Once the game wrapped up, we promised each other that we weren’t going to let anything happen like that for the rest of the season.


On Sunday against the Panthers we were able to get our offense back on track by playing like the offense that we know we are. Matty did a great job of setting the tone for us all game long. He spread the ball around to eight different guys and that kept them off balance for most of the game.


One thing that Carolina - or any of us - was prepared for was how successful Matty was in pulling the ball down and running. His touchdown run in the 4th quarter was unreal. It was a third down play and Matt dropped back to pass. He didn’t find anyone open, so he just tucked the ball under his arm and took off. He didn’t even care that there were three Panthers at the goal line - he just sold out and scored.


I think that play showed how important this game was to all of us. We were determined to show the sort of offense that we know we are capable of and we showed that against Carolina Sunday. We know we can be a dominant offense and we are ready to carry that over to our game against the Saints this week.


- MS12

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